I'm Eszter Hatala

about me

Originally from Hungary, I trained as an economist and worked in the Ministry of Youth, Family
and Social Affairs in Budapest.

But my first love was always craft. After moving to Dublin with my husband, I started a new career in publishing. But when the recession hit, both of us lost our jobs. I had to find a new way of making a living, and the obvious thing was craft.

Determined to find a way of creating something beautiful without spending money on materials, I wove baskets from newspapers, I made mosaic portraits from eggshells and pretty soon up-cycling became my main business.

Pet portraits

Always in search of a new challenge and a new outlet for my creativity, I then turned my attention to drawing. Having no experience was never going to deter me. With the help of books and a lot of hard work, I began to perfect the art.

And then I began enjoying it! My love of animals saw me concentrate on pet portraits. I now specialise in lovingly detailed, free-hand drawings of your favourite photographs of your favourite pets.


My Work

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