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Dog Portraits

Lovingly detailed, free-hand dog portraits of your beloved friend by Eszter Pet Portraits.


There’s a reason why dogs have been called “man’s best friend”. The connection between humans and dogs has been long acknowledged as one of the strongest bonds around. After all, dogs offer wholehearted love and affection, bringing countless physical and mental health benefits to people, and so very often, can become central members of our families. Talk to us today about our dog portraits.

Among some of the benefits, owning a dog has been known to lead to reduced anxiety, decreased blood pressure, and unsurprisingly to most dog owners, lead you to be a happier person in general!

As a beautiful homage to these special members of our families, and as a way of sharing your love for these little (or big!) furry friends, nothing says it better than one of our stunning custom dog portraits. 

With dogs being such an important part of our lives then, why not immortalise your dog through one of your own stunning, hand-drawn dog portraits?

Why commission a Dog Portrait?

Well, what better way is there to immortalise your dog than with an original piece of art?

Dog portraits are a form of artwork that are gaining more and more popularity worldwide. What is special about these types of portraits are that they can manage to capture the essence and personality of dogs in an individualised way, making them really stand out from other standard types of pet imagery such as pet photography.

Whether your pet is alive, or indeed unfortunately no longer with us, a beautiful pet portrait will reinforce and show the love that you have for your four-legged friend.

Let’s not forget also, a professionally drawn custom dog portrait can also make a truly one-of-a-kind, wonderful gift for that special dog lover in your life


My Process

I specialise in recreating your favourite friend’s likeness in a dog portrait that will last a lifetime.

Each of my entirely-custom pet portraits are lovingly detailed, and I create them completely free-hand using some of your favourite photographs of your favourite pets.

Most times, all I need is just one perfect photo of your pet to capture its realism, beauty and soul – just remember that the photo needs to be full resolution, clear and in-focus, and of course with clear lighting!

For every single commission I guarantee only work of the finest quality – each of my dog portraits come with a certificate of authenticity signed by me, as well as artwork care instructions.

Talk to me today about dog portraits by calling 085 759 1393

For each and every dog portrait I use only the finest materials in high quality Caran dAche Luminance and Faber-Castell Colour pencils on Premium Artists Paperboard in order to really bring your portrait to life. They also come mounted on acid-free board, ready for framing.

So, are you ready to create your very own custom dog portrait? Simply click here to get started!

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